Uppercut Games proved that it knows how to create beautiful decay in the rusty robot apocalypse of Epoch and Epoch 2.

The studio is taking that talent and applying it to the decaying ruins of Submerged's city. Created in Unreal Engine 4, this new game by Uppercut looks fantastic in screenshots.

Submerged is an adventure and exploration game. You explore the half-submerged tropical ruins in a fishing boat.

Alongside you is your dying brother, for whom you scale the ruins and scramble across the flooded streets in search of supplies for.

The reason why you're trapped among these ruins is part of the game's mystery. Apparently, you and your brother have escaped from a "terrible past".


The serenity of Submerged's quiet city is interrupted as you play by resurfacing memories. Uppercut tease the game with the threat that it will "drag you under".

It seems like something sinister lies within for us to find out, then.

We can't wait to dive into the game's world and intriguing story. Luckily, after it arrives on PC later this year, Submerged will be coming to mobile, or so we've been told.

We'll keep you posted on the game's arrival on mobile. Until then, check out the official website.