Angry Birds Space has been updated with a massive lump of new content. In fact it's the biggest lump of new content that's ever been squashed into the game, so that's something.

There are forty new levels to fling your avian friends through. The first twenty are free and you unlock the second twenty by grabbing all the stars in the first set. Or you can just buy them if you've got no skills.

There are also 4 bonus levels that you unlock by finding a quartet of Nasa research vehicles.


And 6 more bonus levels for getting every star and every feather in the other forty. I don't think there are any more bonus levels in the bonus levels.

You can throw Buzz Aldrin at some pigs as well, albeit in the shape of a giant buzzard. Then there are radioactive, freezing, and burning asteroids, and a variety of unstable energy cells for you to smash up.

The Beak Impact update is live right now on the App Store and the Google Play Store, so if you want to download it you definitely should.