Rovio's released the first screenshot for Angry Birds Stella, a game we first heard about back in February.

As the tenth title in the Angry Birds franchise, we expected something revolutionary from Stella but the first screen looks... well, pretty Angry Birds-vanilla to us.

And that's a good thing.

Putting a firm focus on "a spirit of female heroism and friendship", Angry Birds Stella follows the adventures of the bubble gum pink Stella and her friends Poppy, Willow, Dahlia, Luca, and Gale.

This flock roosts on Golden Island, a never-before-seen corner of the Angry Birds universe that looks like a mash-up of Barbie's neighborhood crossed with the forest moon of Endor.

Despite the frilly trappings, Rovio notes that Angry Birds Stella will feature birds with new powers that'll "challenge even the hardened Angry Birds veterans".

Angry Birds Stella will launch in September and will support Hasbro-produced Telepod figures a la Angry Birds Go!.

Following the September Launch, Angry Birds Stella will get a 13-episode run of six-minute cartoon shorts on ToonsTV, regular TV, and other video services.

If you want to find out more about Angry Birds Stella, Stella, or any of her friends, click this underlined blue text right here.

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