As we suspected would happen, Bossa Studios has just updated Surgeon Simulator for iPad with some extraterrestrial 'goodies'.

In this alien-themed update, there's a whole new level, six new transplants, improved iPad 3 support, and bug squishing aplenty.

Gworb, a friendly Earth-visiting alien, stars in the new level in place of Bob. If you recall, Bob is the hapless patient you've no doubt butchered countless times by now. Poor Bob.

Your task, then, is to carry out transplants of six unpronounceable organs on your new alien friend so he can get back to his favourite pastime of exploring the galaxy and beyond. As a reward, you'll get the opportunity to unlock six new achievements. Score!

You can check out the new Surgeon Simulator update by simply heading over to the App Store and hitting the 'Updates' button in the bottom right. Easy.