Just when it looked like The Amazing Spider-Man 2 would never leave the hallowed halls of McDonald's, we're happy to report a changing of the guard.

Starting this weekend, McDonald's locations in North America have finally swapped in the Pokemon X / Y toys that we first told you about almost a month ago.

The word "toys" is a bit of a misnomer here as, from what we can tell, these collectibles inspired by the Platinum Award-winning Pokemon X / Y don't really don't do much of anything.

In the name or journalistic integrity - and, well, because we were hungry - we stopped by a McDonald's at lunchtime and found out the toys actually do do something.

Namely, they're meant to play out a silly little Rock, Paper, Scissors competitive game against another player.

You select a shape (Circle, X, or Square) with a dial, slide the pokemon into the pokeball launcher, the shoot it out against a friend to see who wins.

They're made of a nice, firm plastic, too, and look way better than we initially thought. Also, each toy comes with a Pokemon trading card because... well, why not?

We don't know how long the Pokemon X / Y promo will stay at McDonald's for, but you can head over to happymeal.com for more information.

Although, what more you could possibly need past "Pikachu Happy Meal" is beyond us.

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