For some reason, OTTTD ignites something within me, and I must chant its title in the manner of WWE superstar Daniel "Yes" Bryan.

What's even more peculiar about the effect this game has on me is that I'm experiencing this feeling as a result of a tower defence game. I've played far too many tower defence games to get even remotely excited about them. Or so I thought.

As I discovered last week, OTTTD is an "over the top tower defence" game. Hence the title.

The aliens that you battle are wacky. The bosses include an octopus on a motorbike. And corpses pile up as a visual reminder of the number of enemies through which you've chewed.

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Sure, it's gameplay is pretty typical for a tower defence game. You deploy turrets along a path, recruit a team to fix them, research new ones, and add to the firepower.

But OTTTD stands out on account of its wackiness. Apparently, that's enough for me to overlook the fact that this genre is seriously over-saturated.

OTTTD will go live on the UK and US App Stores at midnight, priced £1.99 / $2.99. It should also be out for Android tomorrow.