With its new co-op dancing game Bounden, Game Oven has added a new app to its catalogue of games that inspire and encourage awkward social interaction.

This one has two players holding either end of an iPhone, and twisting and tilting the device to follow a path of rings around a floating sphere.

Get it right, and you'll end up doing an elegant dance as choreographed by the Dutch National Ballet. Mess up and you'll be a messy tangle of limbs and legs.

The game, which won our last Big Indie Pitch in San Francisco, features seven dances with classical music. One dance is exclusive to iOS and won't be found in the Android edition (which has been delayed).

To celebrate the release of Bounden, Game Oven has made finger-fumbling Twister-like iPad game Fingle and hand-clashing screen masher Bam fu free for one day. So, go get 'em.

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