So, yes. In what could be described as an eyebrow-twitching Ghostbusters 'don't cross the streams'-type move, we've made a game.

We've named it Appy Nerd - Flap Nightmare. And it's a bundle of Universal iOS digital excellence that tells the story of Norman the Nerd.

Norman, you see, has a problem.

Schoolboy dreams of being a successful game developer were soon crushed when the trauma of a bullying incident involving a spoon, economy brand mouthwash, and a Mr Gold Lego Minifigure robbed him of the confidence required to fully commit to the task.

Doubting his own ability, Norman left school and settled for a job programming paper-quality calibrating apps for the print industry.

In a Flap

But his mind has bigger ideas. Frustrated by Norman's overriding defeatist attitude, it torments him nightly by conjuring up nightmarish scenarios involving some of the worst handheld systems Norman has owned.

And so...

Oh, all right. Fine! Yes, it's a Flappy Bird clone. And, yes, we know that's like, "so February, man".

But, dammit, it's our Flappy Bird clone. For fun. For free.

And we'd love you to check it out.