Way back in 2000, Nintendo set the bar impossibly high for fast food tie-ins when it unveiled the "gold card" line Pokemon toys for Burger King Kids Meals.

Now almost 15 years later, the Big N is hoping to recapture that magic with a line of Pokemon X / Y toys for McDonald's Happy Meals.

From what we've seen of the upcoming line, it doesn't look like the toys themselves actually do much of anything - but their simple looks are deceiving, as they're all McPlay compatible.

If you don't speak branded tie-in language, this means you can scan codes on the toys and play mini-games with them on your iOS or Android device of choice through the McPlay app.

But for real collection-obssessed poke-fans (which is pretty much all of them), the real draw comes in assembling the whole set of adorable 'mon and their associated cards.

Series mascot Pikachu leads off the collection, and the X / Y legendries Xerneas and Yveltal put in an appearance behind the rest of the Gen VI starters – Chespin, Froakie, and Fenniken.

Personally, we're pretty happy with the selection of Pokemon on offer here - but that's mostly because it doesn't involve Mr. Mime.

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