To celebrate the impending launch of block-sliding puzzler SideSwype, Radiangames has put four of its iOS games on sale.

Block-dropping puzzler Slydris, maze-like shooter Inferno+, dodge-'em-up Fireball SE, and twitchy space shooter Ballistic SE are all on sale for 69p / 99c a pop until April 11th.

You can find App Store links and PG review summaries for all four games below.

SideSwype will be out on iOS at midnight. The Android version will follow sometime tomorrow.
Slydris - Luke Schneider "An engaging, neon-bright puzzler, Slydris plays with the building blocks of the best and comes up with something pretty damn good." - Review iPhone / iPad - 69p / 99c
Inferno+ - Luke Schneider "Radiangames squeezes its frenzied twin-stick experience into a level-led maze game, and it's just as satisfying and addictive as the rest of the series." - Review iPhone / iPad - 69p / 99c
Ballistic SE - Luke Schneider "While it has some impressive moments, Ballistic SE falls well short of reshaping the genre template it fits so snugly into." - Review iPhone / iPad - 69p / 99c
Fireball SE - Luke Schneider "This 'dodge-and-detonate' action title stands out from similar games on iOS, and while it does get repetitive after a while, it's still unique enough to be given a chance" - Review iPhone / iPad - 69p / 99c

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