It's nearly the weekend! I'm already half drunk on cheap vodka and year-old Skittles!

What better time to spend not very much money on a handful of pretty good Android games, then?

And with the 8th Android bundle from ikoid, you can do just that. It's built around the theme "Fast and deadly", so expect lots of speed and death, I guess.

Right now, three games are unlocked. Another two will become available after some criteria are met. After a certain date or a certain number of shares on social networks, you see, the other two will be available to anyone who's paid.

Who's in?

The highlights of the bunch are Gold Award-winning science sprinter Boson X and Gold Award-winning multiplayer Victorian slash-'em-up Gentlemen!

There's also a couple of Bronze Award winners in the shape of twitchy shape dodger Expander and bellowing bear smacker Fist of Awesome.

And then there's a rally game called Pocket Rally we haven't reviewed. It might be great, though. You never know.

This bundle will be available for another 12 or so days, and will set you back only $2.49. Oh, and if Gentlemen! doesn't get enough tweet action, it will be unlocked on March 24th. Expander will be unlocked on March 28th.

You can grab this bundle by clicking here.