Aristotle once said "The roots of education are bitter, but the fruit is sweet".

I'm pretty confident he was talking about the ability to Educate your Citizens in Supernauts when he said that. Yeah, it was probably about that.

Regardless, educating a Citizen is easy: simply tap on a Citizen, tap the Educate Me button, and wait a bit of time for the action to complete.

As with any upgrade action, this will tie up Sinclair, meaning that you won't be able to initiate other upgrades, but you can always speed up the process with Gems.

So why is this important? By Educating your Citizens you increase the amount of income generated by them, and also the capacity of Coins they can hold at any one time.

You'll no doubt have noticed that when you come back to the game after a few hours each Citizen has a Coin above their heads, which you can collect. This is Rent for living in your World, and it can be a serious injection of cash just when you need it most.

So make sure you've got smart Citizens, because they'll make you a bunch of Coins that you can spend on more items, blocks, and decorations.

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