As you'd expect from a game all about constructing and putting your stamp on the world around you, the opportunities to show off you swag in Supernauts are plentiful.

Whatever you build in Supernauts can be seen by every other community member who visits your world: so make sure it's for inspiration, rather than for laughs.

If you're up for a saunter around the galaxy, just tap the planet and rocket icon on the right-hand side of the screen to be presented with a menu titled The Supernaut Universe.

You can then filter the Hottest Worlds by different specifics: all players globally, all players in your region, and all players on your friends list. Alternatively you can tap Top Players, and again filter by the same specifics.

Tap a name and you'll be presented another menu, giving you the option to Favourite them (if you like the cut of their jib), or visit their world.

Once you're in their world, you can wander about taking in the sights, moving from Turf to Turf.

You can find message boxes, which can be placed in the world for the owner of it to read. You can customise the message you leave, as well as rate their world from "meh" to "love".

If you happen to spot another Supernaut in the world with you, you can also open a chat window and have a good old chinwag with them, if that's your sort of thing.

Whenever you're ready to leave, just tap the rocket on the left-hand side of the screen to return home.