Anybody who enjoyed OrangePixel's Groundskeeper for Android last year will be delighted to read that the Dutch studio is preparing a sequel to its side-scrolling action-survival game.

As in the original pixel-art game, you're a gardener in Groundskeeper 2 who is attacked by skulls, the undead, and ghosts.

This time around, though, your groundskeeper must also face up to robots, aliens, and large mechanical bees.

In this follow-up game, you'll also be able to fly a spaceship, swim, and find secret areas.

Groundskeeper 2

During a recent Twitter conversation between OrangePixel and an inquisitive fan, the dev confirmed that Groundskeeper 2 will be heading to Ouya.

Saying that, it will also be available for Android, GameStick, and PC this March.

The original Groundskeeper, which you can grab for free now on Google Play [download], was simple but compelling. We're expecting a lot more from this forthcoming sequel.