Sunside Games tells us that the first episode of its sci-fi adventure series, Abducted, will arrive on the App Store on December 19th.

Abducted follows a woman as she is snatched up by aliens, taken light years from home, and dropped off on a hostile planet. Your goal is to escape and survive.

The game apparently plays like a mix of classic adventure games and a lite action-RPG. There are puzzles to solve, a "freeform conversation system," and some reaction-based action sequences.

The woman wakes up with an alien computer embedded into her arm, which she can use to manipulate her surroundings. You can also converse with it, and use it to solve puzzles.

Thanks to Sunside's in-house tech, Abducted is a beautiful looking game. It also uses a real actress to capture the motion and facial expressions of the protagonist.

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We do have to throw caution to the wind, though, as Sunside's last game, Crow, was similarly gorgeous, but rather lacking in engaging gameplay.

We'll have a verdict on Abducted for you closer to the December 19th launch. It will be available on iPhone and iPad at a special launch price of £1.99 / $2.99.

The other five episodes will follow, with the second episode of Abducted arriving on the App Store in March 2014, hopefully.