If you find that your thoughts and actions are rushed too much in your typical stealth game, then Naiad Entertainment's "approachable" turn-based take on the genre may be for you.

In Naiad Entertainment's Sneaky Sneaky, you play an anti-hero, a thief, and an assassin rolled into one. Before you know it, he gets imprisoned, escapes, and then tries to get back his twice-stolen treasure.

If you're picturing a dark and violent game right now, erase those thoughts. Sneaky Sneaky is a cutesy game with a lighthearted and friendly style.

In the IGF trailer for the game (posted below), the dev shows off the grid-based levels, specifically those set within a forest.

You control the thief by tapping the squares of the grid to which you want him to travel. If an enemy is sat on a square, then the thief will automatically attack it upon your tap.

The enemies are just as cute as the rest of the game. They're little green blobs, you see. You can land sneak attacks on them for extra damage, by the way, if you approach them from behind.

And because of the turn-based nature of Sneaky Sneaky, you get the requisite time to plan out your moves carefully in each screen.

If that's the kind of stealth experience that appeals to you, look out for the game in early 2014 on PC, Mac, and iOS.