Vita owners may fondly remember the Bronze Award-winning Dokuro for its fairly smart puzzles and quirky concept.

Now it's the turn of iOS and Android players, as Dokuro has just arrived on mobile.

In the game, you play as the delicate skeletal servant of the Dark Lord, and must try your best to traverse the treacherous castle and save the princess.

Despite having an art style that would make Tim Burton proud, Dokuro isn't the most visually appealing game in motion. Fortunately, that doesn't take away from its challenging puzzles.

The whole game is an escort mission that has you clearing the way for the princess.

While you may be able to hop over some gaps and spikes, you have to ensure the apparently dim-witted princess doesn't accidentally walk into danger. Pulling levers, pushing blocks, and opening doors become familiar tasks.

The further you progress, the more heroic and prince-like the skeleton becomes. Soon, you'll be battling beasts and actually carrying the princess around with your newfound strength.

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There's also three types of chalk that you'll uncover as you progress, and you'll use this to draw new paths to help you and the princess out.

Dokuro is worth a look for the curious. It's 69p / 99c in the App Store [buy] and 60p / 99c on Google Play [buy].