Updated on November 8th, at 9:02: Arcade shooter Meltdown is now available on Google Play, too. Android fans get this one for free.

Bulkypix-published shooter Meltdown is an arcade-style arena game with slick finger-friendly controls and online co-op for up to four pals.

Oh, and it's out on the App Store at midnight.

The game features a series of floating space platforms that are littered with enemy robots, turrets, and mines. Your chunky little space marine with killer sideburns will shoot them to bits before moving on to the next arena.

Meltdown has great controls. You just tap on the floor to move, or double-tap to roll. Hero Zed automatically ducks behind cover and shoots at enemies when he can see them.

There are 30 levels here to clear, and loads of weapons to unlock and upgrade. You can also take on those levels with up to four other players - just flick the 'online' switch and you'll create an impromptu server for friends and strangers to join.

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We'll have a full review of Meltdown up on the site soon. My first hands-on impressions with Meltdown are positive, though.

If you're especially impatient, you can find out for yourself from midnight tonight for £1.49 / $1.99. An Android edition will join the party sometime soon after.