"Kick that street punk. Punch that other street punk. Do more kicks and punches."

These are just a few of the instructions you might be shouting at your phone before the end of the year 'thanks' to the upcoming release of Double Dragon Trilogy for iOS and Android.

The game, from emulation experts DotEmu, will actually be three games in one.

And those three games will be the arcade versions of Double Dragon, Double Dragon 2: The Revenge, and Double Dragon 3: The Rosetta Stone.

Certain corners of the Pocket Gamer office have voiced their concerns over the lack of the NES version of Double Dragon 2 in this forthcoming package. They've mainly been ignored.

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There'll be three different difficulty settings for each game. There will also be two modes (Arcade and Story) available so that you can experience the 8-bit thrills in different ways.

Most importantly of all, perhaps, you'll be able to play co-op over Bluetooth in Double Dragon Trilogy, punching and kicking with a friend or relative.

There'll be controller support, too. Oh, and you'll be able to listen to the original or remastered soundtrack.

Right now, all we know is that Double Dragon Trilogy will be out by the end of the year. We'll let you know when we hear something more concrete about the release date.