Do you like platformers that make you howl in anger and frustration?

I have good news for you, then: Not Done Yet Games's Kid Tripp is free on the App Store right now.

This Gold Award-winning retro runner is on sale for a limited time. So, if you've yet to sample its razor-sharp reaction-testing gameplay, now is the perfect time.

In Kid Tripp, you guide the titular bobble-headed explorer through a series of fiendishly tough bite-sized levels.

You need to learn the right combination and timing of jumps and attacks to successfully navigate your way through the perilous obstacles and cute 8-bit beasts.

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At review, we called the game "a brilliantly well put-together labour of love". We added that Kid Tripp "will have you gnashing your teeth and screaming with joy".

If that sounds like it's going to be right up your alley, you should bob on over to the App Store and grab Kid Tripp for nothing before the sale ends.

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