Honesty can be a refreshing salve in this awfully cynical world of spin, half-truths, and stuff that people have made up to make you sad.

On the one hand, then, the fact that Nintendo is so open about the fact that FIFA 14, a game that will go on sale on the eShop this week for £39.99, is just a re-skin of last year's game is a welcome change.

On the other hand, though, you're being asked to pay full whack for a game with "no updates to gameplay or game modes", and where the major change is the fact the pixel man who was called 'Bale' last year is now called 'Paulinho'.

And, no, I didn't have to frantically Google that. I know all about the foot-to-ball games, thank you.

Skin on skin

The 3DS version of EA's annual soccer sim is getting the same treatment as the Vita version, which we found out earlier in the year is a re-skin of a re-skin.

That's a lot of skin for a football game.

I'm sure a lot of work goes into typing all the new names into the right boxes, and making sure the special T-shirts are the right colour. But being asked to pay nearly 40 quid for a game you've already paid nearly 40 quid for is a bit of a two-footed studs-up tackle from behind if you ask me.

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