Prince Wilbert and Princess Wilma don't only have the best names of any royals ever, but they also star in a fairly unique game called SwapQuest.

It's the usual fantasy story. The land of Sturmwind is protected by the holy sword it's named after. That annoys "the horde", which is the ancient evil it holds back. Said horde then manages to break through into Sturmwind, causing Wilma and Wilbert to flee.

You have to help the both of them escape from the horde at the bottom of a vertically scrolling screen by rearranging path tiles that the royal pair run along. It's frantic stuff.

But making it across the levels is not nearly enough.

To survive and find the legendary sword that will push the horde back once again, you'll also need to loot treasure chests, collect equipment, and fight other enemies along the way, including optional boss fights.

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SwapQuest isn't just a lighthearted puzzle game however, as the RPG elements are integral to progression. We're talking different classes, increasing stats, forking levels, and New Game+.

SwapQuest seems like a pretty unique fusion of genres, then. For now it's just a heads-up, unfortunately, as the game is still in development. But it should be available on iOS and Android devices by the end of the year.

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