In terms of potential for different control schemes, touchscreens are almost without equal in the gaming sphere.

More often than not, though, touchscreen game developers shackle their interactive experiences with awkward floating joysticks and screen-blocking buttons.

That's why upcoming games like Illusion Labs's Touchgrind Skate 2 really get us, errr, going here at Pocket Gamer Towers.

Right now, we're all wearing kneepads and saying things like "gnarley" at the end of each sentence. We don't get out much.

As in Touchgrind Skate 2's direct predecessor Touchgrind, you control a skateboard in this sequel using just your fingers. Yep, no feet involved. As far as we know.

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You'll propel yourself through large realistic-looking skateparks full of rails, ramps, bowls, and other obstacles, pulling off tricks with swipes and flicks of your digits.

A quick upload video system will enable you to show off your best runs and make your friends jealous of your finger-flipping skills, while three different game modes will ensure you get the most out of each park.

With a bewildering array of tricks to master, multiple skateparks in which to play, and the ability to roam around perfecting your lines, Touchgrind Skate 2 shouldn't be short of content when it goes on sale later in the year.

Gnarley, huh.

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