Touchgrind Skate 2: Tips to help you in the streets

Touchgrind Skate 2: Tips to help you in the streets

Finding the right balance

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Touchgrind Skate 2 is a skateboard simulation where you use your fingers to control the board. Think of the old Tech Deck mini boards where you'd attempt kickflips and the like. Then, after pulling off a sweet trick, you get an immediate sense of satisfaction. Well, that's TS2 in a nutshell.

The concept of the game is simple, in that you have three game modes to choose from. You can play in a time challenge where the goal is to score as many points as possible in 100 seconds. The other one focuses on you reaching your highest score continuously. Lastly, you have a multiplayer mode called S.K.A.T.E which plays like H.O.R.S.E.

Skate 2's idea is easy to understand, but man is it a tricky (no pun intended) game to master. It's probably one of the tougher sports games you'll play. The good thing is that it's not a stressful game. It's pretty casual so that much is good. Here are a couple of things to keep in mind, both in-game and mentally.

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Find your comfort zone with the controls

The game will usually tell you to use two fingers when skating. Again, this is similar to you played with the Tech Deck boards. So that's your index and middle finger, but I'd recommend that you use whichever fingers you want. It's all about whatever you're comfortable with.

I know that sounds weird, but it can help, especially in a challenging game like this. Maybe you want to use your thumbs instead for example. It may help you perform better tricks as you skate through one of the parks. You can certainly switch fingers regularly, but it's good to stick with what you feel works best.

Once you do that, then you can focus on mastering each trick. You may discover some other tricks as you experiment. Keep on tweaking and you'll be on your way to making this difficult game look easier.

Practice your Ollies

In most skateboard games, the Ollie can be easily overlooked. But in Touchgrind Skate 2, the trick is highly critical. By not attempting an Ollie, you will not be able to perform cool tricks. It all starts with a good hop. But even this can be tricky to do at first.

Most of the time you may do it by accident but it's good to be able to master it. To do it; quickly switch from your index finger to your middle finger. This should give you a little jump. Once you get it down, you should be able to do some tricks by moving your fingers in different directions.

You'll be able to get some grinds in too which is nice. Grinding is a great and not super difficult way to get your scores up. But it all starts with a good Ollie or Nollie.

Don't stress out

As mentioned, Touchgrind Skate 2 is hard. My final tip for you is to never stress out if you're struggling. Remember, it's still a casual game, so there are no heart-thumping moments to worry about. It's just all about perfecting your craft as a skater.

And once you start to get your tricks down, it will be very satisfying. This, especially if you can gather and get a nice combo. Because of its difficulty, it feels rewarding when you're having a good session. But take your time and practice your moves.

This is a simulation game, so you'll appreciate its authenticity. The tricks take some skill and mirror how the moves are done in real life. However, just go in and don't overthink things. Just have fun experimenting and learning new tricks. Also, enjoy some of the cool parks too (they do cost money but they give you a preview of each one) that are offered too. 


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