The boardgame invasion of the App Store shows no sign of abating, and from midnight tonight (UK time) you'll be able to add another classic to your burgeoning collection of digitised dice-rollers.

That classic is Agricola, Playdek's touchscreen version of the family-friendly strategy game that sees you trying to build a farm and keep it running in 17th century Europe.

If that sentence bored you to tears, then Agricola probably isn't going to be for you.

If, on the other hand, you like your boardgames to be about careful planning and management rather than random dice rolls and goblins, then you're in luck.

You'll need to collect resources, harvest crops, and add extensions to your family's farmhouse if you want to collect the most victory points and prove conclusively that if you'd been born 400 years ago you'd have been fine.

This iOS version of the game features four different game play modes; asynchronous, real-time, and pass and play multiplayer options; and three different tutorials covering gameplay, user interface, and tactics.

There are AI opponents to try and defeat as well if you want to hone your skills before you take on other players online. Game Center achievements, a comprehensive rule book, and a card gallery wrap things up nicely.

Agricola will be available from the App Store tonight as a Universal app, and it'll set you back £4.99/$6.99.