We all like pudding and we all like cute monsters. Those are two well-established facts.

It's also a fact that getting something for free is better than paying for it.

Combine those three truisms, and you'll come to the joyous realisation that ZeptoLab has slashed the price of its squishy beast-sliding puzzler Pudding Monsters to absolutely nothing on the App Store.

And, yes, both the iPad-only HD version and the iPhone version have been given the freebie treatment. Stop panicking.

Spoil your dinner

At review, we described Pudding Monsters as "cute, creative, and eminently playable". And while we were a little disappointed about the lack of challenge on offer here, the game is an absolute steal at this price.

So, if you fancy mixing some creatures together to create a giant mass of pudding, head on over to the App Store and grab Pudding Monsters [download] or Pudding Monsters HD [download] for free right this instant.

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