Hello there, PG readers. I didn't see you there. Come on in. I'll put the kettle on, you grab yourself a biscuit.

In the PG Community Round-up, we throw the spotlight on all of the most talked-about stories of the past two weeks.

Plus, we gather up all of the major site announcements and competitions and turn them into one totally delicious article.

Without further ado, then, let's get cracking...

The Mass Debates

1. Would you pay $40 to hold two blocks at once in Tetris?

EA seems to think you would. You lot, however, had other ideas.

Mr_bez couldn't believe his eyes when he opened up this article in his browser. He promptly stated: "I paid 20 quid for Tetris DS back in the day, but even I can't believe this."

Arosbooks joined in the reminiscing, saying that "£20 for Tetris DS was absolutely AMAZING value, it was the definitive version of Tetris." This idea of a freemium Tetris is, in his words, "yet another example that games companies see mobile gamers as complete idiots".

Do you agree? Weigh in here.

2. Men's Room Mayhem looks crazy... though you seem quite excited about it:

There's a new game heading soon to Vita - and a little later on mobiles - in which you guide men around a public toilet, trying to avoid eye contact with the room's other, err, 'users'.

It's called Men's Room Mayhem, and it's right up your proverbial backstreet... apparently.

"This will be the perfect app to use when waiting for our washroom to open up; the unfortunate predicament I find myself in when my wife's using the only washroom in our house," curtisrshideler said.

AcesHigh also noted that "this game has 'pee'tential", earning him our coveted 'Terrible Pun of the Week Award'.

Reckon you've got a better lavatory-based gag? Let us know right here.

3. Enthusiasm really drained for the release of Star Command:

Poor Star Command. This Kickstarter-funded project was delayed time and again. And when the news emerged that the final launch version would only represent 30 percent of the original vision, your patience started to wear thin.

News of its imminent release was met with excitement from evilgoldfish ("can't wait to try it finally"), relief from Contest Chris ("it's about time"), and confusion from Jeffyg3 ("for realsies?").

Pistols admitted that he / she had lost interest after all the delays and the '30 percent' headlines: "I wonder if Kickstarter supporters get 70% of their donations back?"

How are you getting on with the game now that it's out, mind? Tell us here.

Get stuck in!

Two big pieces of news on the ol' community competitions and awards fronts for you this time around.

Gamer X continues to kick (almost) everyone's ass at Fruit Ninja and Fruit Ninja HD. If you want to challenge him / her (we still don't know Gamer X's identity) and stake a claim for some incredible prizes, then head on over to the Gamer X competition page.

If you're an Android user and you haven't voted in the Best App Ever Awards for Android, then you need to act now or forever hold your peace. Voting for these prestigious awards closes on May 15th. Go support your favourite Android games and apps on BestAppEver.com.

Right, I'm off to relax my weave. But I'll be back in a fortnight with another PG Community Round-up.

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