Outside of a few shining examples, the Vita doesn't have many roleplaying games to choose from.

Sure, there are plenty of RPG gems to be found in the PSOne classics library, but those hardly allow users to immerse themselves in the Vita's gorgeous graphics.

Valhalla Knights 3 is a roleplaying game that seeks to accomplish just that, and it's due out in the west this autumn thanks to XSEED Games.

Is that a nurse in your party?

Valhalla Knights 3 allows players to build seven-character parties out of elves, dwarves, machines, and men (among other races), and offers 20 character classes to choose from including RPG standards like Fighter, Archer, Thief, and Mage.

For players looking to add extra flavour to their parties, they can visit a hostess club located in the "shady district". Siliconera reports that you can eventually talk these hostesses into joining your party after doing a few side quests for them. Hello, nurse!

There's still no solid release date for Valhalla Knights 3 yet, although XSEED Games expects it out sometime this autumn.

The Japanese release of the game was pushed back from January 31 to May 23, but hopefully we won't see a similar delay in the west.

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