As many of you probably already know, the world's first untethered jailbreak solution for iOS 6-powered iPhones and iPads is finally available.

Its name? Oooo, we'd better keep that a secret. (Not really: it's called 'evasi0n'. There.)

By jailbreaking your iPhone or iPad, you can tweak its UI, apply inventive themes, and install software that isn't available via Apple's App Store.

If you do decide to jailbreak, be sure to check out the ten top-notch apps, tweaks, and utilities below.

Remember, folks: jailbreaking is a relatively safe practice, but you should back up your device properly before you attempt it.

Activator - Free

Activator is one of my favourite tweaks.

Basically, it allows you to perform a variety of tasks via simple button presses and gestures.

You can open your favourite application by tapping your device's screen with four fingers, for example, or quickly compose an iMessage by holding down your phone's Home button.

Auxo - $1.99

Auxo is a completely re-imagined task switcher for your iPhone.

As you can see in the cropped screenshot above, Auxo gives you a small preview of all the apps that you currently have open.

Auxo also offers improved audio controls and toggles for various system settings, such as Bluetooth.

biteSMS - Free

Apple's built-in Messages app is fine. The feature-packed biteSMS app, however, is much, much, much better.

With biteSMS installed on your blower, you see, you can compose texts and iMessages straight from your phone's Notification Center. Oh, and reply to incoming messages right on your Lock screen.

It also gives you the ability to add contact pictures to your message threads, and secure your private conversations with a password.

iFile - Free

iFile is a complete file manager and viewer with which you can gain access to every file on your jailbroken device.

It's basically an iPhone and iPad version of the Mac's Finder tool, then.

Infiniboard / Infinifolders - $1.99 each

If you're bored of scrolling through multiple pages to view all of your apps or tired of creating several folders in which to house all of your games, you need to download Infiniboard and Infinifolders.

The former tweak enables you to view all of the apps on your Home screen with a continuous vertical scroll, while the latter hands you the ability to add as many icons to a folder as you like.

Maps Opener - Free

This very simple tweak will force your iPhone or iPad to open the Google Maps application whenever you click on a location link.

Rather than open Apple's own iOS Maps client by default. Thank me tomorrow.

OpenSSH - Free

With OpenSSH installed on your device, you can remotely gain access to all of its files from your Mac or PC using a number of free clients, such as PuTTY.

OpenSSH is especially useful for moving custom-made themes created on your computer to your iPhone or iPad.

SBSettings - Free

Heading into your Settings app to turn on Bluetooth or adjust your device's brightness may only take a couple of taps, but it's still a pain in the ass.

With SBSettings, you can do all of the above (and much more) via a customisable drop-down menu from anywhere on your device.

WinterBoard - Free

Apple's iPhone and iPad UI hasn't changed very much since it was first unveiled to the world. It may be incredibly user friendly, but it seems incredibly static and staid nowadays.

Through WinterBoard, you can download, create, and install a variety of custom themes, live wallpapers, sound effects, and more on your device.

You can also alter the size of your apps' icons, remove your device's Lock screen clock, and even change fonts. Much sexier, yeah.

xCon - Free

Lots of apps and games legitimately downloaded from Apple's App Store simply won't run or work as they should do on a jailbroken device.

With this handy little tweak, though, you can bypass an app's jailbreak detection.

This tweak won't work with every application out there, but it's definitely worth having.