Pullblox is arguably the best game on the 3DS eShop. We gave it a rare Platinum Award in our review, calling it "the new puzzling gaming god in town".

So, you can imagine our excitement when a follow-up adventure was announced in a recent Nintendo Direct video. It's called Fallblox, and it's out in Europe on November 15th.

As before, each puzzle is about getting pint-sized sumo Mallo to the top of a giant structure. But while the blocks in Pullblox simply slid in and out of the scenery, in Fallblox they'll adhere to gravity and slam towards the ground.

It means thinking several moves ahead, and contending with a giant play field now nine layers deep. There are also special blocks and other surprises. Sounds tricky.

Free fallin'

The game's bundled with 140 challenges (and 90 training levels), but you can also make your own puzzles and share them using QR codes. Oh, and you can now import puzzles from the 3DS web browser which is handy.

Nintendo's going to be giving out 20 puzzles as QR codes once the game is out, either on its website or over Twitter. Or just come to Pocket Gamer - we'll do the leg work for you and chuck them into an article.

Anyway. Fallblox is out on the eShop on November 15th. It's probably brilliant and worth however much Nintendo ends up charging. Though, we'll have a review anyway. It's kind of our job.

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