The quirky PS Vita Platformer Dokuro stealthily made its way onto the US PlayStation Store this week - keeping true to its promised October release date and arriving just in time for Halloween.

Released in Japan over the summer, this visually appealing game places players in control of Dokuro - a minion turned hero who decides to rescue a princess captured by his evil employer, the Dark Lord.

In the span of the escape, players must solve complex environmental puzzles while deciding whether they should resurrect Dokuro as a heroic prince or leave him as a shambling pile of bones.

Both offer gameplay advantages, you see. As a skeletal minion, Dokuro can double-jump onto remote platforms, while the fleshy prince form allows him to carry the princess across dangerous terrain.

The adventures of a numbskull

Players will need to utilize both of Dokuro's split personalities along with several other gameplay mechanics like an anti-gravity device to overcome the fiendish traps of the Dark Lord's castle.

Unfortunately for gamers across the Atlantic, the PlayStation Blog post that announced Dokuro's US release didn't provide a European release date.

It did, however, deliver this comprehensive launch trailer which provides an excellent idea of what to expect from Dokuro's challenging platform gameplay.

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