Gaia's RPG/card game mash-up series Sword & Poker is once again available for download on the App Store.

An unusual fusion of fantasy role-playing elements and Texas Hold 'em, the game involves you guiding your character though a dungeon, pausing every so often to do turn-based battle by laying cards on a grid and building the best poker hand.

Though the most recent entry in the franchise, Sword & Poker 2, appeared back in 2010, the game has been unceremoniously removed from the App Store - along with its predecessor - on more than one occasion.

So, if this Silver Award winner has caused you to raise an intrigued eyebrow, we suggest you head over to the App Store sharpish, before it flips a table and vanishes in a puff of mana.

You can find Sword & Poker 2 for iPhone on the App Store for £2.99 / $3.99. For the time being, anyway.