The opening movie for Game Art’s upcoming PS Vita title, Dokuro is now available online.

While it does not show any of the gameplay footage, it gives eager PS Vita owners an excellent glimpse into the game’s backstory.

One part Wall*E, one part Mario Brothers, and one part escort quest, the story of Dokuro centers around a Dark Lord who captures a Princess and assigns a ghoul to keep her captive.

Upon hearing the Princess cry, something changes in the ghoul – the title hero Dokuro – and he decides to help the princess escape the Dark Lord’s tower.

Andriasang posted the opening movie so that Vita fans the world over could appreciate the whimsy and Edward Gorey-inspired artwork of the game.

Go for the ghoul'd

Both hero and ghoul forms offer their own advantages to players of Dokuro. In ghoul form, Dokuro can execute double-jumps to reach remote platforms while the hero form allows Dokuro to carry the princess.

Double-tapping the front screen of the Vita turns Dokuro from ghoul to hero, while double-tapping the Vita’s rear touchpad reverses the transformation.

Dokuro is scheduled for a July 5th release date in Japan.

Although there is no planned release date for Europe or the United States, it is hoped that Game Arts once again partners with Xseed Games to bring this title to the west as they did with Ragnarok Odyssey.

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