Disappointing news for European 3DS owners waiting to get their hands on Ubisoft's delightful Rayman Origins - the game's release date has been put back to June 8th.

No reason has been given thus far as to why the 3DS version of the critically acclaimed platformer has had to be delayed by such a long period of time.

The American release doesn't appear to have been affected, mind, with Amazon.com continuing to list its launch date as March 22nd. We've contacted Ubisoft to find out more details.

It's really good

It's a real shame as this quirky and colourful title genuinely rocked our socks off when it bounced onto the PS Vita last month, managing to secure a very well-deserved Pocket Gamer Gold Award for its blend of traditional platforming, superb animation, and fantastic execution.

We'll see whether Rayman Origins can hold its own against Super Mario 3D Land on the plumber's home turf, though, when it arrives here in the UK in the summer.