Snoopy's Street Fair might look colourful and child-friendly, but with expensive in-game items, two currencies to balance, and numerous decorations and expansions to consider, it's far from a walk in the park.

Luckily, Pocket Gamer has already planted flower beds, sold cups of lemonade, hosted a raffle, and compiled this handy guide that you're about to read.

This guide features numerous hints, tips, and tricks to get you started with Charlie and the rest of the gang, so what are you waiting for?

Good luck!

The Basics

Your aim in Snoopy's Street Fair is to make enough money to send Charlie Brown and his friends to a Little League tournament in New York City.

If you've read our review, you'll already know that you do this by creating a bustling street fair, packing it with stalls and other money-makers, and attracting hordes of punters.

Beeline Entertainment's build-'em-up features two forms of currency: Coins, which you earn in large quantities throughout; and Snoopy Dollars, the game's rarer premium currency.

You can buy both varieties of money through in-app purchase should the need arise, though, only the latter requires a lot of hard work to earn. Packs of currency start at £2.99/$4.99, with the largest bundle setting you back £69.99/$99.99.

As you progress through Snoopy's Street Fair and begin to collect revenue from your stalls, you'll earn experience points (XP). These help you level-up and unlock new attractions.

Getting the punters to splash the cash

The quickest way to earn cash is to pack your street fair with manned stalls, which are run by classic characters from the Peanuts gang. Unfortunately, only five of the game's 18 manned stalls can be purchased for Coins, and some of the five are extortionate to say the least.

Anyway, manned stalls produce revenue and experience points at specific intervals. Sally's Lemonade Stall, for example, gifts you ten coins and two XP every 30 seconds. You can collect these rewards by simply clicking on the appropriate stall when an icon appears above it.

You can speed up these intervals using Snoopy Dollars, but that's not recommended. Especially considering you only get two every time you level-up.

As manned stalls are your quickest method of earning cash, you should use any premium currency you manage to get your hands on to purchase new ones. Some decorations and expansions require Snoopy Dollars to nab, but manned stalls should always take priority.

Remember: Stalls can be improved by tapping on them and hitting the 'upgrade' button.

If you visit the in-game store, you'll notice that you can also buy unmanned stalls. These, again, gift rewards at random intervals, which can be sped up using Snoopy Dollars. It goes without saying - although we'll remind you - that you shouldn't waste premium currency on this.

Expanding the number of decorations you can hold

Snoopy's Street Fair's in-game store also contains numerous decorations and expansions, both of which are pretty self explanatory: the former makes your fair look prettier, and the latter gives you more land to build on.

Unless you need them to complete one of the tasks on your To-Do list (more on that later), decorations are a waste of space. Feel free to purchase one if it's cheap and it'll quickly help you level-up (each decoration gives a one-off XP bounty), but it's generally best to ignore them.

Similarly, don't buy an expansion just because you have the cash to splash. Unless you're in dire need of some extra space it's best to just save your cash for a rainy day. Or, an emergency.

Some extra work

If you tap the Peppermint Patty picture in the top-left of your device's screen, you'll be taken to your To-Do list. Here, you can see a list of optional missions that you can complete as you play. These quests include the likes of 'add a friend' and 'scatter ten leaf piles', so you should complete the majority of them without much fuss.

Periodically check your list and click on any objectives that have a big green tick next to them. Your efforts will be rewarded with an XP boost.

Snag some extra rewards

Snoopy's Street Fair has plenty of opportunities to earn small bundles of XP, namely from the three in-built mini-games. One game is available from the off with the other two costing 30 Snoopy Dollars each. Again, these are far from a priority.

Another way to increase your experience points is to complete the game's collections, which are made up of several themed items. The first collection you'll come across, for example, is the Flying Ace set, which is composed of goggles, a hat, and a scarf.

You're awarded these items randomly when you collect revenue from you stalls and complete other similar tasks. You can also receive them from friends, who can send you a gift once every hour. Once a collection is complete, place it on the road and Snoopy will reward you with XP.

Similarly, tap your mailbox when it shakes to receive a small prize. Put it somewhere Snoopy can reach and he'll - once again - reward you with XP.

Finally, when you see a small mound of leaves appear on your screen, tap it to see Snoopy clear it away. A very small amount of XP is yours.

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