Pocket Gamer Silver Award-winning iOS and Android (Tegra) puzzler Sprinkle has been updated, and is now playable on all Android devices running OS 2.3 and above.

The physics-based puzzler tasks you with extinguishing a variety of fires across 60 levels, using a gigantic water cannon mounted on an adjustable crane.

Although your task sounds relatively simple, you'll be hindered significantly by ice boulders, giant cogs, traps, blocks, and other annoying hazards.

Oh, and you have a limited supply of water, so think before you start carelessly spraying your surroundings.

Free water for all

To accompany the new Android update, developer Mediocre has also released Sprinkle Free for both iOS and Android, which allows you to experience the game's heroics without splashing any cash.

It features 12 all-new levels to tackle, but forgets added extras such as Apple's Game Center.

You can grab Sprinkle from the App Store for £1.49/$1.99 [buy] or from the Android Market for £1.24 [buy].

Sprinkle Free is also available for both iOS [buy] and Android [buy] for free. Naturally.

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