If you cast your mind back to last week, you might remember our telling you that new Konami title Gesundheit! was coming 'soon' to iOS.

If that excited you, you'll be close to exploding when you find out that it's on the New Zealand App Store right now, meaning it'll be available in the UK from around midnight tonight.

Gesundheit! tells the story of an allergy-plagued, odd pig, who manages to escape capture when his village is invaded by monsters.

His friends, however, are not so lucky and it's your job to save them. This, naturally, involves facing off against wacky monsters.

All in a sneeze

You steer your wandering piece of pork around 40 action-packed and challenging levels filled with 'mildly gross humour that will appeal to all ages.' That's if you believe the app's description.

Take a peek at our gallery above for a look at the game's delightful hand-drawn visuals, and try not to be put off by the swine snot theme.

Gesundheit! for iPhone is currently half price at $1.29 on the New Zealand App Store, making it 69p (I'm still not used to that price) in the UK, 99c in the US, and €0.79 across Europe.

You can grab the HD iPad version at 30 per cent off for £1.49 / $1.99 / €1.59.

Prices will return to normal after 'a limited time'.