To celebrate the fact that schools have closed for the summer, one of the iPhone's best old skool platformers has been reduced to just 59p/99c.

League of Evil's 130 bite-sized levels see you vaulting over gaps, avoiding spikes, taking out enemies, and bringing a whole world of hurt to a bunch of evil scientists.

As a specially trained super-agent you can double jump, wall jump, and utilise a host of other acrobatic moves to accomplish your goals.

You get rewarded for completing each level in the quickest time possible, and for collecting briefcases which are scattered on each mission.

Game Center and OpenFeint achievements allow you to keep track of just how good you really are.

You can download the Bronze Award-winning League of Evil for 59p/99c, or pick-up the Lite version, which includes five exclusive levels.

Publisher Gameloft has also been hit by summer spirit, reducing a number of its iPhone and iPad titles to just 59p/99c.