Thanks to a recent update and a sale to celebrate (read: “capitalise on”) the Masters Tournament, Full Fat's Flick Golf has deservedly spent some time at the top of the App Store charts over the last few days.

Not only can you still get Flick Golf for 59p, but the developer's other games Deadball Specialist, Zombie Flick and Hotspot Football have all dropped to the same price.

Full Fat has announced that it's going to be releasing several “triple AAA” titles over the next few months, the first of which is Coin Drop, which looks like a twist on Peggle.

The press release indicates that the game will let you, “Drop, Spin, Smash, Bounce, Demolish and Shake, with Puzzles, Portals, Lasers, Magnets, Stars, Pins and… much, much, much more!”

It'll be a universal app with 60 levels and Game Center integration.

It's coming soon.