Back in October 2010 we learned that Speedball 2 Evolution – from Jon Hare's Tower Studios – would be out 'imminently'. Next we learned that the much-anticipated vintage brutality sim would be available 'early in 2011.' Finally, Tower Studios announced last week that Speedball 2 Evolution would be available on the 24th February – today.

Unfortunately, it hasn't quite made it. In an announcement distributed today, Tower Studios admits that Speedball 2 Evolution, “was not on the App Store this morning,” adding that it'll be available, “very shortly, if not this evening then very soon after”.

“We’ve been overwhelmed by the reaction and anticipation for the forthcoming release,” writes Jon Hare. “All good things come to those who wait and It is looking like we’ll launch Speedball 2 Evolution very shortly at under £2.50 in the UK – and that’s for iPhone and iPad.”

But there's more. According to a thread on the TA forum, the game already appears to have gone live on the New Zealand App Store before being pulled. The forum post contains the iPhone and iPad screenshots attached to this story and also reveals the price: NZ$5.29, meaning $3.99 in the US and £2.39 in the UK.

Speedball 2 Evolution is modern remake of Bitmap Brothers's Amiga classic Speedball 2, featuring an upgradeable transfer market, six arenas, and 20 intergalatic teams. You can control it either using an on-screen D-pad or with an intriguing tilt-to-move setting, which is default.

It's unclear - even to Jon Hare - why Speedball 2 Evolution suddenly disappeared from the New Zealand App Store, but in any case it doesn't look like we've got too long to wait till the game Speedball 2 Evolution goes live.

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