Fishlabs' Galaxy on Fire 2 was one of the best performing indie iOS games of 2010, selling and reviewing very well despite its $9.99 price point.

But it hasn't just sold well on iPhone and iPad. More recently, Fishlabs ported it over to Nokia's high-end range of smartphones such as the N8 - or what used to be called the Symbian^3 range.

"We've done 200,000 downloads of Galaxy on Fire 2 for Symbian^3 devices," Fishlabs' CEO Michael Schade revealed at the Mobile Games Forum.

And moving onto the future, he spoken briefly about the next game in the series.

"It's no secret that Galaxy on Fire 3 will have MMO features," Schade said.

We'll have to be patient however, as he said it would take at least a year of development work before the game would be ready to be released.

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