Dual stick iPhone shooter MiniSquadron has its next target lined up in its sights: the mobile game will hit PSP and PS3 via the PlayStation Minis in late February, 2011.

Originally available on iPhone, and since seen on Android and Palm, the side-on aeroplane game pits you against a squadron of enemy planes, jets, and other such aircraft as you gun them down in waves.

The PSP edition comes with eight worlds, each featuring 12 intense waves of enemy fighters. You’ll take them on with a massive arsenal of weapons - including lasers and machine guns - and from behind the cockpit of more than 50 different planes.

MiniSquadron follows the likes of Angry Birds and Fieldrunners, which also made the leap from mobile to console through Sony’s micro game platform.

Publisher Grip Games says the game will be available on the PlayStation Store in North America and Europe in late February.