While Steve Jobs' confirmation that Game Center (as part of the iOS 4.1 update) won't work on first and second generation iPhones and iPod touches rules out millions of gamers, his announcement of camera wielding fourth generation iPod touches was met by some developers with exceeding great joy.

One such are the Appy Entertainment guys, who are rejoicing as owners of the new hardware will finally be able to take full advantage of their four million downloaded FaceFighter beat 'em up.

Your face, my punchbag

The reason for their happiness is that new iPod touch owners will now be able take photos of friends and enemies (maybe even using the neat HDR feature), directly drop them onto a game character, and then beat the black and blueness out of them.

High technology. Simple pleasures.

"Mobile gamers want personal experiences, and there's no better way to personalise a game than making a photo of a friend or enemy the center of your game," said Appy CEO Chris Ulm

"Appy is proud to publish iTunes' finest photo game experience in FaceFighter, and we're just scratching the surface of what this new game form can achieve."

FaceFighter is available now for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad in various free and paid versions.

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