French developer Arkedo, best known for the criminally underrated Big Bang Mini on DS, and for collaborating on iPhone time-sink Pix'n Love Rush, has shown Pocket Gamer the first screenshots of its upcoming Windows Phone 7 game, OMG.

In this classic shoot-’em-up with a twist, enemies can be tapped to unleash their 'manic' mode, where they spew out more bullets than usual. Capping these intensified foes, however, will give you points for each bullet they’ve shot, meaning massive points.

“The more bullets, the more you score... It's all about taking risks!” the developer said.

OMG (which stands for Our Manic Game, by the way) will be part of Microsoft’s carefully ‘curated’ series of games, which will allow gamers to pick up official Xbox Live Achievements and challenge buddies on the game’s worldwide leaderboards.

Make sure you check out the screenshots in the gallery above: it looks like a crazy mix of neon lights and an old Vectrix machine - a very unique look.