Final Fantasy fans have cause for celebration today, as Square Enix have announced (via the PlayStation Blog) that the ninth game in the celebrated RPG series is now available from the European PlayStation Store.

The last Final Fantasy to grace the original PlayStation, and following on from VIII's more realistic style, IX reintroduced the super deformed art style of VII - good thing you remember your roman numerals from school, isn't it?

The move split audiences at the time, but if you're like us, you'll agree the pastoral look is far more charming than the increasingly realistic aesthetic employed by recent games in the series.

A decade later, and it can be enjoyed all over again for a modest outlay.

Aside from the visuals, the game also introduced Active Time Events and Mog-Net, as well as the Tetra Master card mini-game systems you can learn more about on the game's official website.

Final Fantasy IX is available now from the PlayStation Store, priced at GBP 7.99