Angola has precious diamonds, and the United Nations wants sales of the gems regulated. Time to hoard as many as possible before they can do so.

Majesco has announced that Diamond Trust of London - the first Nintendo DS and DSi title by renowned indie developer Jason Rohrer, who brought us the wonderful iPhone puzzler Primrose - will be released Summer 2010.

Over eight rounds, two players battle to get the best deals on sparkly gems using bribery, salary wars, and clever bidding in an attempt to get the upper hand.

Even your own agents can be bribed by the enemy, so trust is not something to take lightly.

The game will include special DSi features which will utilise the camera, allowing players to use facial expressions to bluff their way through a deal or to spy on their foe.

Currently a vague summer 2010 release date is in place, although while preparing our spy skills for the game, we spotted that US games store GameStop has a shipping date of 1st June 2010 on display.