Zen Bound 2, sequel to the accomplished iPhone and iPod touch original, will be released exclusively for iPad.

Developer Secret Exit made the announcement today, explaining the decision to jump onto iPad involved more than just a desire to work with more powerful hardware.

The larger screen allows for unobstructed manipulation of objects, not to mention a closer view of the rope as you wind it around each beautifully rendered wooden object.

Of course, the game has been raised a notch in terms of graphics with exquisite detail and more dynamic lighting.

When it comes to gameplay, Zen Bound 2 remains consistent with the original albeit with new levels and objects to wrap your paint-soaked rope around.

"This is both a sequel and a revision to the original," says Secret Exit. New levels will be paired with upgraded versions of stages features in the first game.

A release is expected sometime in April following the launch of iPad, though a specific date or price has been set.

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