Pocket Gamer has learned that PSP Minis will be available to download over the PlayStation Network and play on PS3, a move that will dramatically increase audience of the current Minis range.

Though Minis games on the whole haven’t set us alight so far, there have been some real crackers, including Subatomic’s PSP version of Fieldrunners and Kahoots, an innovative puzzle-platformer from developer Honeyslug.

The rumour is also being reported by French site PS3Gen, which claims (through the distorting lens of Google Translator), “Playing with PSP games on the PS3 seems a project that Sony is preparing in secret. […] Here's the surprising news that we have gleaned and could make love dematerialization games.”


PS3Gen goes on, “Of course, the date of implementation of the emulator we are still unknown and a traditional Wait and See is therefore essential.”

According to Pocket Gamer’s source, PSP Minis will be playable on PS3 before Christmas, though like PS3Gen we recommend the traditional Wait and See.

We’ve contacted Sony for comment.

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