I’ll level with you: the title of this story contains about as much concrete information as we have on Garters & Ghouls, the trailer for which Namco revealed on Twitter last Thursday.

The YouTube description reads, “Arise to the strange and twisted world of Garters & Ghouls, the newest action adventure franchise from Namco! Control and command the not-too-dead Marie Dupois in her summons to battle the minions.”

It’s an action-adventure game, then, and it stars a woman. The game’s title implies that she wears a garter, but this is just speculation.

She has to battle minions, which actually tells us very little, since almost all games involve battling minions. Nevertheless, I’m going to go out on an limb and predict that it’s a top-down twin-controller shoot-‘em-up in the style of iDracula and MiniGore.

Questions are out to Namco so we should have more details soon. For now, enjoy this deeply uninformative but nonetheless stylish trailer.

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