Few TV series have managed to entertain and offend as many people simultaneously as South Park. Ostensibly a tale of four kids growing up in a sleepy American town, each episode of South Park inevitably launches headlong into social taboos and slapstick comedy.

South Park Mega Millionaire, the latest mobile game based on the franchise, focuses on that last element in particular, placing our heroes into a bizarre and sadistic Japanese gameshow. Their aim is to win the one million Yen grand prize (currency conversion rates, rather predictably, are not Cartman and co's strong point).

The game’s a fast-paced platformer in the vein of Sonic The Hedgehog, with Stan, Kyle, Kenny and Cartman being required to speed their way around the show's levels grabbing as much cash as they can while performing outlandish stunts to keep the crowd amused.

These stunts can take the form of balancing a bonsai tree on your head, being set upon by a sumo wrestler, or some other insane activity.

Developer Mr Goodliving has nailed the feel of the show to perfection. The characters look and move just like their charmingly hand-drawn TV counterparts, while the dialogue accurately mimics the brash tone of the show, too.

South Park Mega Millionaire is one of the sharpest mobile platformers we’ve seen for a while and a fitting tribute to the hugely popular show. Buy it, mmkay?

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